Introducing the Event Master Pro Music Planner, a WordPress plugin for mobile DJs and Bands to give to their customers to make a music plan for their event. Your customers will love the simple and easy to use 5 step process which gathers important information in a fun and interactive way that makes music planning a seamless process. What’s more is that you as the DJ will be able to have a clear plan of the music for the night, knowing the expected demographics, clients taste in music, when are the speeches, how to handle requests, and what to play when!

Have you ever?


bullet-pointsDJ’d a party for a customer and had everyone up dancing, people having fun all night and as far as you know the customer was impressed, only to receive a surprise phone call on the Monday after saying you never played any of their music and now they aren’t happy?

bullet-pointsHad a customer tell you they want one style of music before the day, and on the day want another style of music altogether, something you don’t have in your music library?

bullet-pointsHad a customer who says they are not fussy and then when the party comes they really are fussy?

We have the solution for you . . .


The EMP Music Planner is an interactive music planner tool for DJs to offer to their customers. Customers can enjoy and quick and simple 5 step process, listen to 30 second samples of different genres and make a good outline for you to follow for the music of any event. Created by the owner of an established DJ business this tool has already been tried and tested over many years and is guaranteed to increase your sales because your customers will love it! Once completed the music plan they can email, share, make a PDF or print out their plan and give it to the DJ.

  • Get a detailed music plan from the customer and increase your customer satisfaction
  • Print and bring along with you to your gigs, or if you have a company for your DJs to follow
  • Enhance the customer user experience and provide them an intelligent way to tell you their music preferences
  • Integrates with the EMP Song Selector, Time Scheduler and Wedding Planner to make a full Online Music Planner bundle for mobile DJs.

This plugin is also an add-on expansion for the EMP Online Music Planner Bundle and works together as one part of a three plugin bundle. This means that if all 3 parts are installed, then pushing print will print all completed parts to make a full event music plan (incl. Time Schedule / Wedding Plan ).

What DJs and Bands Can Look Forward To

Customers handing you an easy to read, check list of songs to play for each event. So quick and easy to use, you’ll wonder how you survived without it.


csv-icon1Import your playlist from a CSV file and display your full song list on your website for customers to see. In the future, latest charts can be added with additional imports as your music library grows. Your songs are then organised in alphabetical order and grouped by genre.


icon-pdfPrint to PDF and then easily email your music plan to others.


icon-emailsOur music planner is also a lead capture tool, any prospects visiting your website can register to see how the planner looks on the inside. Registration collects name, email, event date and mobile phone and sends you an email with the details when done.


icon-shortcodeEasy to install by simply inserting the Music Planner tool with a simple short code.


icon-integrateThe music planner integrates with the other 2 plugins in the EMP Bundle to create a whole event music plan (Time Schedule, Music Plan, Wedding Plan)


Benefits Your Customers Can Enjoy


icon-searchSimple and easy to follow 5 step music plan.


Listen to different genres to help them choose what they want and when.


icon-sign-inRegister/login to your WP site and save their music plan


icon-pdfGenerate a PDF from any playlist created saved.


icon-printerCustomers can print their playlist.



Customers can email their playlist.


DJs can easily retrieve customers music plans from WP admin


Mobile friendly and fully responsive on all devices.


So why don’t you take it for a test drive?

1 Click register or login with the dummy credentials below to try it out

2 Quickly go through each of the 5 steps

3 Click print to view your music plan

user: customer
password: 1234


USD Per Year