Payment Gateway

Choose between 5 payment options to offer your customers including cash, cheque, bank transfer, paypal and credit card.

We support accepting payments for Australian merchants with eWay and customers worldwide with PayPal.




Member Login Area

Immediately after creating your account you can create online accounts for your customers, DJs or band Members. Customers can manage their booking and make payments, whilst DJs & band members can get their jobsheets and event plans.


Activity History

Every important task or milestone reached in Event Master Pro leaves it’s footprint in the Activity History. This is a new feed where you will see the most recent activity that has been happening on the site amongst all users.



On the calendar you can see all of your bookings in one place, you can click on any date to see it’s events and then quickly open in a new window to edit the event details. You can also receive absent requests from DJs and once approved they will show up there too.


Alert Notifications

Alert notifications let you know when certain things have happened within your account. You can be notified when users log on and off, when enquiry form or booking forms have been submitted, or when sales have been made. Much like the notifications on Facebook you will be reminded each time these things happen.


Introducing Event Master Pro – powerful events application!

A whole business sales & management solution for mobile DJs


About Event Master Pro

getting-startedEvent Master Pro is an online CRM application built to systemize and automate all of the processes of your DJ business, or any other event based business. Built for DJ companies however it is fully customizable for any type of business that caters to parties and upcoming events such as birthdays, weddings or Christmas parties.

The process goes something like this, after you receive your initial enquiry you need to follow up and close the sale, send them a booking form, then confirm the details, assign someone to the job, collect payment, follow up and get feedback. Event Master Pro will guide you through this whole process from start to finish, essentially being a “business in a box” solution. Each event has a checklist which moves in the chronological order of events.

Being an online CRM means that you can access your customer information from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. Making this application a revolutionary tool for DJs live some of the laptop lifestyle taking their business activities to any location, home or work, city or country.

Furthermore, Event Master Pro is an application that will allow your business to scale and grow with you without the growing pains. A scalable system is required for your business to grow or it is bound to reach a plateau point to which you cannot grow anymore, Event Master Pro will take your business to the next level.

Some Special Features

Easy Setup

Setting up Event Master Pro is an easy and logical process. You can start by entering the locations and regions of your product or service, then you can set prices based on event type and region, you can also enter the different types of occasions and create your own ‘extra products/services’ for each event to accomodate your business.


Simple Integration

Integrating Event Master Pro with your business is so simple. The only thing you need to do is embed the enquiry form to your website so that you may receive enquiries to the application. That’s it. The online booking form, invoices and other features can be accessed directly by your customers in the customer login area.


Call Back / Follow-Up System

The faster you respond to your enquries, the higher the chance of closing the sale. Our ‘Call Back’ and follow up system helps you quickly respond to new enquiries and after speaking with prospects make detailed notes of each conversation setting future call back dates to follow up and close. Customers will be impressed by your ability to call back when you say you will and remember previous conversations, this will result in more sales.


Powerful Reports

Running any business is all about information. Collecting the information is one thing but analysing it is another. Event Master Pro provides useful information such as where your customers heard from you, the reasons they are cancelling, how satisfied your customers are and even what keywords generate the most enquiries or sales. Visually pleasing reports are generated letting you know what matters most and ultimately allowing you to make more informed decisions about your business.


Marketing Tools

The cost of finding new customers is 5 to 6 times more than marketing to your existing ones. Make the most of your existing client database and follow up the right people at the right time. You can follow up on previous customers for their annual events, remind people about their birthdays, and businesses can be easily filtered in different categories making it easy to get in touch and turn your previous customers into back into dollars.


Event / Music Planner

Communication is the key. We’ve created a unqiue event and music planner WordPress plugin bundle for your customers to provide a smoother customer experience and further add value to your business. For most business types, customers will be able to make use of the time schedule creator or for DJs and Bands we have also built a song selector, music and wedding planner. DJs/Bands can upload their music list from a spreadsheet allowing their customers to browse the song list and create a playlist of their own.



  • "I've been super impressed with the way this application works. The immediate benefit I noticed was that I don't have to reply to email enquiries anymore. Set your prices, customize your response email and you are ready to go. Overall it's nice to have a system that can allow my business to scale."
    01 – Karl Annas
    Pro Mobile DJs


How It Works

Customer is organizing an event such as a wedding or any other upcoming event and needs a DJ.

Customer visits your website and makes an enquiry via Event Master Pro’s embeddable Enquiry Form and a New Event is created.

Event Master Pro immediately sends an automatic email quote customized by & Location.

The event goes onto a for you to follow up the enquiry by phone and/or email and close the sale.

The customer is directed to your Event Master Pro online Booking Form to confirm their booking with a deposit and accept your terms and conditions. Payment can be accepted via PayPal, , Cheque, Cash or Bank Transfer.

Assign a DJ or contractor to your event. You will be notified when the DJ checks their Job Sheet.

Once the deposit is secured and DJ assigned book an appointment with your customer or skip this step and clear the callback date.

Optionally, customer creates an event plan using the EMP Online Music Planner Plugins Bundle. This can be one or all of the event planning tools including a Song Selector tool, Time Scheduler, Music and Wedding Planner.

Confirm the Event Details and Collect Payment from your customer shortly before the event.

Once the details are confirmed an automatic confirmation email is sent to the customer confirming all the event details. Customer can log in to print an invoice if needed.

After the event date has passed the customer is automatically sent the EMP Feedback Form.

Follow up with the customer after the event to collect any money / feedback / testimonials.

Get important statistic figures and reporting charts that help you grow your business.

60 Day Free Trial

60 Days For A Limited Time!

Listed Prices in USD and Per Month

Single User

$9Up to 1 bookings per day

Small Business

$29Up to 3 bookings per day

Medium Business

$49Up to 5 bookings per day

Large Business

$99Unlimited Bookings

We have 4 simple packages from single user to small, medium and large sized businesses.
Of course, the first 2 months are a free so you don’t have to decide which one you want right now.

So let’s take it for a test drive!


A little more about Event Master Pro

  • DJs / Bands / Musicians
  • Photographers
  • Photobooth
  • Karaoke / Jukebox Hire
  • Entertainment Agencies
  • Venue / Function Room Hire
  • Any other event service with an event date

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