Follow Up System

Event Master Pro helps you promptly follow up with and stay on top of your leads. You can leave detailed notes of each interaction, remembering what you spoke about and when, and then set follow up reminders and these events will show up on your daily follow up list.

Automatic Quoting

Rest assured that no matter how busy you are, that your inquiries are always being taken care of. Upon completion of the EMP enquiry form, your prospects will receive an automatic email with a link to your info/pdf and a quote, customized by event type & location.

Automated & Personalized Follow Ups

EMP not only sends an automatic quote but also follows up with your leads with personalized emails that looks like they were written by you. This greatly increases the response rate and helps you stay on top of your follow ups closing more sales.

Emails Fully Automated

Using EMP is like having a personal assistant. All repetitive emails that you normally send on a daily basis are automated & all templates fully customizable. From the initial quote email to booking links, payment confirmations, feedback forms & more. So sit back, relax and let EMP do all the work.

Built In Forms

Event Master Pro comes with built in essential forms that every DJ business needs. With an enquiry form for gathering leads through your website, a booking form to secure your events with a booking terms & contract, and a feedback form for following up after event.

Automated Online Review System

EMP has an automated online review system that qualifies your happy customers and provides them with your online review links to places such as Facebook and Google reviews. It also emails them a copy of their testimonial and the links to remind them to leave a review.

Event Planner Tools

We’ve built a WordPress plugin bundle which is an Online Music and Event Planner to assist customers with creating a detailed event plan. This includes a Song Selector, Time Scheduler, Music Planner and Wedding Planner, combining together to make one printable event & music plan.

Essential Reports

Event Master Pro provides you with reports that are essential for the monitor and growth of your business. From knowing where your marketing dollars are being best spent, to real time monthly sales updates, conversion rates, monthly income and more.

Event List Segmenting

EMP allows you to use detailed search filters to segment your list for creating important reporting figures and exporting to CSV for bulk mail outs to segments of your list and newsletters.

Customer / DJ Login

Event Master Pro comes with unlimited customer and DJ login accounts. Each of the login areas are unique in design, and make a central hub for customers and DJs to connect with EMP. Both customers and DJs can access event details and all relevant information.

Activity History & Notifications

Every important task or milestone reached in Event Master Pro leaves it’s footprint in the Activity History. This is a new feed where you will see the most recent activity that has been happening on the site amongst all users. You'll also receive alert notifications within the app as these things happen.


On the calendar you can see all of your bookings in one place, you can click on any date to see it’s events and then quickly open in a new window to edit the event details. You can also receive absent requests from DJs and once approved they will show up there too.

Import / Export Data

In Event Master Pro you can import a list of previous customers or companies, and likewise you can also export all of your contacts, companies and events to a CSV file. Additionally, prior to export you can filter your results to give you a specific list.

Job Reminders

EMP will send event job reminders to your DJs 24 hours before an event to make sure they are fully aware they are on the job and have checked their jobsheet.


Accept Payments

EMP enables you to accept payments via PayPal and Square for credit card payments.

Complete Support

We provide comprehensive support. Get in touch with our support team to help you setup and fully customize your application to suit your needs or learn more with our guided walk through and tutorial videos.



Listed prices are in USD and per month.



Bookings Per Date

Sales Per Day

Automatic Quoting System

Enquiry Follow Up System

Customer Login Portal

DJ Login Portal

Event Planner Tool

Booking Form & Contracts

Invoicing PDF/Email

Feedback Follow Up & Review System

Reporting & Statistics

Import / Export CSV

Accept Square / PayPal Payments

Customer Support

All Features Included


single user


Per month



$199 Annually SAVE $29

small business


Per month



$399 Annually SAVE $69

medium business


per month



$599 Annually SAVE $109

large business


per month



$999 Annually SAVE $189

We have 4 simple packages from single user to small, medium and large sized businesses.

The first month is free, so you can decide later which one is right for you.


So let’s take it for a test drive!


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