Activity History

Every important task or milestone reached in Event Master Pro leaves it’s footprint in the Activity History. This is a new feed where you will see the most recent activity that has been happening on the site amongst all users.


Alert Notifications

Alert notifications let you know when certain things have happened within your account. You can be notified when users log on and off, when enquiry form or booking forms have been submitted, or when sales have been made. Much like the notifications on Facebook you will be reminded each time these things happen.



Have your enquiries responded to immediately. After setting your prices based on event type and location, our application will automatically respond to your customer enquiries with a custom quote and download link to your info brochure.


Built in Forms

Event Master Pro comes complete with an Enquiry Form, Booking Form, and Feedback Form for your customers to glide through the sales funnel from start to finish. The enquiry form can be fully customized and then embedded onto your website, ready to take new leads and go onto your call list.



On the calendar you can see all of your bookings in one place, you can click on any date to see it’s events and then quickly open in a new window to edit the event details. You can also receive absent requests from DJs and once approved they will show up there too.



Customize your application to suit your needs, whether you have a DJ business, photographer, photobooth, venue hire and anything event related.


Event Checklist

Guide yourself step by step through the sales process from the first enquiry to the receiving the feedback form. The Event Checklist will cross your T’s and dot your I’s to make sure you manage your events efficiently from start to finish.


Event Planner

We’ve built a WordPress plugin bundle which is an Online Music and Event Planner to assist customers with creating a detailed event plan. This includes a Song Selector, Time Scheduler, Music Planner and Wedding Planner, each to serve a slightly different purpose however combining to make one printable plan.


Friendly Support

We have created a dedicated support area for you to learn the application and get your questions answered. Get in touch with our support team to help you setup and fully customize your application to suit your needs.


Fully Automated

The sales process is fully automated from the first enquiry through to the booking form, after event follow up and feedback form.


Mailing List Management

Manage your newsletter subcribers easily and segment your list based on specific criteria. Then export your list to CSV and send out bulk emails and newsletters to all of your clients, letting them know of special offers and news updates.


Member Login Area

Immediately after creating your account you can create online accounts for your customers, DJs or band Members. Customers can manage their booking and make payments, whilst DJs & band members can get their jobsheets and event plans.


On the Cloud

Access your customer database from anywhere in the world so long as you have a computer and an internet connection.


Payment Gateway

Choose between 5 payment options to offer your customers including cash, cheque, bank transfer, paypal and credit card.

We support accepting payments for Australian merchants with eWay and customers worldwide with PayPal.





We provide you with crucial information about where your customers come from, how much they are spending, why they are not buying and more. This is information every business should know.


Introducing Event Master Pro – a powerful CRM for Mobile DJs!

Using an easy to follow, proven system to run your mobile DJ business to it’s peak ability whilst automating repetitive tasks.