Event Master Pro’s Time Scheduler is a tool for mobile DJs, or anyone who wants to provide their customer the ability to create a beautiful and well presented time schedule for their event.


You can quickly create new events to take place for an event, such as the start time, an entrance song, speech or award presentation to name a few, then set the time it will happen. With a simple drag and drop feature it is easy to reorder events and make a clean and presentable time schedule in minutes without the need to mess around with ugly spreadsheets.


Here are the things you can do with this plugin:


  • Allows you to create multiple events on your time schedule
  • Drag and drop of events allows you to re-order your time schedule quickly & easily
  • For each event taking place you can set the time, and add a music instruction
  • Print view provides you with a well presented print view layout
  • Hand this to the DJ to follow and anyone else managing the event (MC, Function Manager, Photographer)
  • Integrates with EMP Online Music Planner Bundle


This plugin is also an add-on expansion for the EMP Online Music Planner Bundle and works together as one part of a four plugin bundle. If you like this plugin PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK in REVIEWS!



  1. Copy and extract the plugin to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin within WordPress
  3. Activate the plugin with your purchased serial number
  4. Insert the short code [time-scheduler]
  5. User must be registered and logged in to useScreenshots


Front End

























Print View