Description Event Master Pro’s Music Planner is a music planning and preference tool for mobile DJs customers. It’s a 5 step questionnaire that asks the customer questions about their event, it’s demographics, and more specifically about their music likes and dislikes.   The basic idea of the plan is to separate the music selection into either background or dancing music. The customer can listen to 30 second audio samples of genres using a soundcloud player that loads up within the plugin itself, and choosing which genres they like.   Additional to choosing genres, if the EMP Song Selector is also installed it integrates with the EMP Music Planner so customers can load up the song selector, and make a playlist for either background or dancing music. Once completed they can print out their plan and give it to the DJ.  
  • Get a detailed music plan from the customer and increase your customer satisfaction
  • Print and bring along with you to your gigs, or if you have a company for your DJs to follow
  • Enhance the customer user experience and provide them an intelligent way to tell you their music preferences
  • Integrates with the EMP Song Selector, Time Scheduler and Wedding Planner to make a full Online Music Planner bundle for mobile DJs.
  This plugin is also an add-on expansion for the EMP Online Music Planner Bundle and works together as one part of a four plugin bundle. This means that if all 4 parts are installed, then pushing print will print all completed parts to make a full event music plan (incl. Time Schedule / Wedding Plan ). If you like this plugin PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK in REVIEWS!   Installation
  1. Copy and extract the plugin to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin within WordPress
  3. Activate the plugin with your purchased serial number
  4. Insert the short code [music-planner]
  5. You will be prompted to install SoundCloud Player is Gold plugin, install it
  6. User must be registered and logged in to use

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