Activity History

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The Activity History shows a record of everything that is taking place within your application in the order that they occur. It is a news feed to keep you informed about what has been happening within your application from such things as users logging in/out to forms & payments received. You will find the activity history via the sidebar menu but also on your dashboard when you first log in.

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Above: Activity History Screen

Below: Activity History on the Dashboard


By default you will see all Activity History notes however you can view them by category with the icons above. These Activity History types from left to right are:

  • All
  • Users Logging In/Out
  • Enquiries Forms Received
  • Sales & Payments Received
  • Booking Forms Received
  • Feedback Forms Received
  • Event Status Changes
  • and DJ / Assigned or Un-Assigned / DJ Jobsheets Checked

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