Introducing Event Master Pro – a powerful Application for Mobile DJs to manage their Business!

An easy to follow, proven system to manage your mobile DJ business
to it’s peak ability whilst automating repetitive tasks.

Why Event Master Pro?

“Soon after entering the DJ business, I realized it wasn’t so easy communicating with and following up with multiple clients. I got tired of missing out on event opportunities and using online calendars and spread sheets to manage my business, so I designed my own software to help me cope with handling enquiries and closing sales with prospective clients.

As my business grew over the last 15 years, I’ve perfected it to support me in much more than that. Today Event Master Pro serves as the backbone of my DJ hire company, enabling me to manage 10 DJ equipment sets and collaborate with over 30 DJs.”


Paul Anthony



Customer is organizing an event such as a wedding or any other upcoming event and needs a DJ.

Customer visits your website and makes an enquiry via Event Master Pro’s embeddable Enquiry Form and a New Event is created.

Event Master Pro immediately sends an automatic email quote customized by & Location.

The event goes onto a for you to follow up the enquiry by phone and/or email and close the sale.

The customer is directed to your Event Master Pro online Booking Form to confirm their booking with a deposit and accept your terms and conditions. Payment can be accepted via PayPal, , Cheque, Cash or Bank Transfer.

Assign a DJ or contractor to your event. You will be notified when the DJ checks their Job Sheet.

Once the deposit is secured and DJ assigned book an appointment with your customer or skip this step and clear the callback date.

Optionally, customer creates an event plan using the EMP Online Music Planner Plugins Bundle. This can be one or all of the event planning tools including a Song Selector tool, Time Scheduler, Music and Wedding Planner.

Confirm the Event Details and Collect Payment from your customer shortly before the event.

Once the details are confirmed an automatic confirmation email is sent to the customer confirming all the event details. Customer can log in to print an invoice if needed.

After the event date has passed the customer is automatically sent the EMP Feedback Form.

Follow up with the customer after the event to collect any money / feedback / testimonials.

Get important statistic figures and reporting charts that help you grow your business.

30 Day Free Trial

Listed Prices in USD and Per Month

Single User

$9Up to 2 bookings per day

Small Business

$29Up to 5 bookings per day

Medium Business

$49Up to 10 bookings per day

Large Business

$99Up to 25 bookings per day

We have 4 simple packages from single user to small, medium and large sized businesses.
The first 1 month is free, so you can decide which one is right for you later.

So let’s take it for a test drive!



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